Legendary musicians Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel created songs that would boost the pair into international icons. Since the '50s, Paul Simon has performed as the singer, guitarist and songwriter for many of their songs, which received constant praise!

Paul Simon: These Are His Best Songs

You probably listened to many of these classic Paul Simon songs! He created hit after hit and won award after award! Here are just some of Simon's best songs, both during his solo career and with Art Garfunkel! 

5.) "Graceland"

"Graceland" was one of Paul Simon's greatest songs during his solo career. It was released off of the album of the same name, which sold around 16 million copies worldwide. The song was inspired by the ending of his marriage with former wife Carrie Fisher. The Graceland album won the 1987 Grammy for Album of the Year.

Paul Simon in 2016

4.) "You Can Call Me Al"

Another song from his solo career and from the Graceland album, "You Can Call Me Al" is definitely a fan favorite. In 7 different countries, the hit single reached the top 5 charts. The music video for "You Can Call Me Al" was created by both Simon and comedy legend Chevy Chase!

3.) "Mrs. Robinson"

"Mrs. Robinson" is one of the most famous songs that came out of Simon & Garfunkel to this day! The hit was created for Mike Nichols and his movie The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman. This was also the first rock song to have won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year!

Simon and Garfunkel in 1983

2.) "Kodachrome"

In 1973, Simon released the album There Goes Rhymin' Simon, which included the song "Kodachrome". The song was a rather nostalgic song that looked back into the past. The hit immediately landed on the number 2 spot on the North American charts! The album itself was nominated for the Grammy's Album of the Year. 

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1.) "Bridge over Troubled Water"

Although "Bridge over Troubled Water" was performed by Simon & Garfunkel, the song was actually composed by Simon. It dominated the 1971 Grammys, winning Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals and Best Contemporary Song. It's still regarded as one of the best songs to this day. 

Simon and Garfunkel in 2003

Paul Simon's songs, during his individual and collaborative career, have left a legacy in the music industry. He was still performing back in 2019, and we hope there are more concerts to come!