Boy George was born June 14th, 1961 in Kent England to an English-Irish family. He had been talented and interested in the New Romantic movement from a young age, finding himself to have a bold and androgynous style. 

Boy George's Rise To Fame 

In 1981 he formed the group the Culture Club with bandmates Roy Hay, Mike Craig, and Jon Moss. The group began to see great success very early on when one of their first songs "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" became a number 1 hit in 23 countries! They continued smashing hits out of the park become the first group since the Beatles to have 3 top 10 hits from a debut album. 

Boy George's kooky style and theatrical performances launched his popularity and he became an LGBTQ+ icon. Unfortunately, fame and fortune came at a cost and Boy George struggled with serious drug addiction and the group disbanded.

The Culture Club's Boy George Today

The group reunited in the 1990s and Boy George also had a successful solo career and fashion line when the group got back together. He also sought treatment for his drug addiction after he tragically lost many friends to overdoses.

In 2008 he was convicted of assault on a Norwegian model and male escort whom he lured under the premise of a photoshoot. Boy George served 4 months in prison and had to perform community service. 

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Since then he has been doing very well, again DJing and touring with his reunited group the Culture Club. Eccentric Boy George is continuing to produce incredible music and there is even a biopic of his life and journey in the works! Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner has said she is "so down" to portray George's younger self.

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