• Kanye West is releasing his album Donda 2
  • West reveals fans need to buy new device to listen
  • The rapper explains why he's launching music player

Kanye West has made a surprising decision when it comes to the release of Donda 2! On Thursday, West teased one of the album's new songs on social media, but shared that fans won't be able to listen to it in the usual way.

West launches $200 music player for his latest album

West's tenth studio album Donda was released last year, and it was announced in January that the rapper's follow-up album would be a sequel to it. Now, he has revealed that when Donda 2 comes out, anyone wanting to hear it will have to buy his brand-new music device, the Stem Player. West took to Instagram to share the news, explaining that he wants "to free music from this oppressive system."

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The rapper, who now legally goes by the name "Ye," explained that music artists only get 12% of the money they make because of streaming services. However, West's Stem Player isn't cheap, as fans wanting to get their hands on the device will have to pay a whopping $200 for it! According to the product's website, the Bluetooth-equipped device comes with Donda and will allows users the ability to alter the music they listen to on it with stems, isolation, and effects.  

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West also shared a tracklist for Donda 2 in another Instagram post, revealing that the album will feature 21 songs. Some of the titles include "Keep It Burnin," "We Did It Kid," "Selfish," and "Things Change". At this time, the album doesn't have an official release date, but it will be interesting to see if fans will be willing to buy the Stem Player to listen like West hopes!