Jean-Claude Van Damme continues to make waves in the film (and music) world.

The 59-year-old action icon stars in the new music video for "Ultrarêve" by AaRON, a French electronic music duo. The video is also a Van Damme family affair, as Jean-Claude's daughter Bianca directed her father in the project, and his son Kris was on the camera crew.

Jean-Claude Van Damme dances it up in "Ultrarêve" music video

In "Ultrarêve," Van Damme emerges from a Mustang before taking centre stage in a choreographed dance routine — with lip-synching and martial arts-inspired moves included. Watch it below.

The unique collaboration between AaRON and the Van Dammes came about after the actor contacted the group in relation to an upcoming film project. "Jean-Claude came back to us to tell us how much this song meant to him," the band said in a statement reported by Rolling Stone.

"He offered to film the video himself in Los Angeles in an unprecedented setting, calling on his daughter Bianca to direct. The '(ultra) dream has become the (ultra) reality'," they added, referencing the English translation of the song's title: ultrarêve = ultra dream.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's children: Bianca, Kris, and Nicholas

A love of the entertainment world runs in the Van Damme family. 29-year-old daughter Bianca is an actress and, according to her IMDb page, a first-time director on "Ultrarêve." Son Kris, 33, acts as well. But youngest son Nicholas has dealt with legal troubles in recent years.

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bianca Bree Van Damme during the Los Angeles premiere of Pound of Flesh, 2015.

"Ultrarêve," meanwhile, will appear on AaRON's upcoming third album, Anatomy of Light. At age 59, Van Damme will also make his Netflix debut in upcoming action comedy The Last Mercenary.