Elvis Presley was honored in a beautiful way for the 43rd anniversary of his death. The "Love Me Tender" singer would be 85 had he not passed away at the young age of 42. His loving fans held a gorgeous candlelight vigil in his honor at his Graceland home.

Elvis Presley Honored On 43rd Anniversary Of His Death

The King of Rock, Elvis Presley, passed away from a heart attack at only age 42 on August 16th, 1977 so his fans flocked together to honor him on the sad day. Tragically, the "Jailhouse Rock" singer's health was in great decline for years due to overworking, extreme weight gain, and prescription drug abuse until his ultimate demise in 1977.

Hundreds of fans came together to Graceland to remember the good times and thank him for all that he did for the world. Many left notes, flowers, and candles for the "Can't Help Falling In Love" singer. This day had a heavy impact on fans as it is the first time that he has been gone longer than he was alive. 

"Elvis Week" At Graceland

To ensure safety, the estate made sure only 720 people at a time were on the property and not allowing large groups to go together and every attendant wore a mask. Memphis had been holding "Elvis Week" that ended on the day of his death with a virtual gospel and drive-in movie showing his films in the parking lot of Graceland. 

Elvis Presley is greatly missed by all of his friends, family, and fans alike. Rest in Peace!

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