The famous comedic-duo

'Laurel & Hardy': This Is What They Looked Like In Real Life

Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel were known for their slapstick comedy from the 1920s to 1940s.

From the 1920s, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy became a comedic-duo sensation. Their slapstick comedy was enjoyed by viewers around the world. Their usage of gags in their black and white silent films is what made them popular, along with their famous bowling hats they always wore! Check out pictures outside of their acting careers in the video above!

Before the age of colored television and movies, there was only the black and white format and silent films! Something almost unimaginable today in the era of Netflix. However, Laurel and Hardy paved the way for comedy in the 1920s, just like Charlie Chaplin. At some point, Laurel had even described the pair as “two minds without a single thought". Watch the video to see more of the funny duo...

Laurel & Hardy: This Is What They Looked Like In Real Life

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in The Finishing Touch, 1928.