It had been a while since Prince William and Duchess Kate travelled on behalf of the Crown. Since lockdown began in March, the couple mostly reported from the home office and made only occasional public appointments.

But last week, the British Royal Family announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would embark on a three-day train journey across the UK. 

Duchess Kate enchants with three outfits on royal train tour

Just on Monday, William and Kate made four different stops—all of which were connected to a well thought-out cloakroom. At each stop, Duchess Kate enchanted with a range of beautiful coats, dreamy sweaters, and accessories. 

At their first stop, the couple visited an ambulance station in Newbridge, Edinburgh. The goal of the trip is to meet and thank workers in the fight against the coronavirus.

The couple later surprised school children with real reindeer, which the children admired in front of their school. Kate wore a high-necked light blue coat by Catherine Walker and paired it with black leather boots with heels. She also chose a blue face mask and went fashionably with a black clutch and leather gloves.

Duchess Kate on train tour through the UK, 2020. 

For the third appointment of the day, the Cambridges traveled to West Yorkshire, where they visited a local community centre. There, Kate again swapped her outfit. She wore a beautiful navy blue Hobbs coat with a white sweater and wide-legged pants. Here too, Kate decided on a matching speckled face mask.

Duchess Kate on her train journey through the UK.
Duchess Catherine on Christmas Day 2018 shortly before her 37th birthday

Things have the potential to be rather unpleasant...

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For her final appointment of the day, the Duchess simply adapted her previous outfit with a festive printed sweater—which was complemented with a blue and red face mask.

Duchess Kate, outfit #3 on Royal Tour 2020.

It's not for nothing that the Duchess is an absolute fashion icon. One of her looks even made it to the "dress of the decade" list.

It's also the first time Prince William and Duchess Kate are using the "Royal Train." In 1842, Queen Victoria had been the first British monarch to use the train, travelling from Slough to London Paddington. For more on the tour, see pictures of William and Kate's festive school visit here!


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