What Once Was Hot is Hot Once Again

4 Iconic Lady Diana Outfits That Are Trendy Again Today

Princess Diana at an event in 1985.

Some fashion styles of the past make a comeback. When looking to see who wore it best the last time a returning style was all the rage, it would not be a surprise to come across Princess Diana. Check out more in our video above! 

From the moment she stepped onto the world stage, Princess Diana was photographed everywhere possible and that included the shoes with which she took those steps. In the last two decades of the 20th century, Lady Diana would break tradition and turn heads with the ensembles and outfits that she wore all around the world.

Sometimes wearing something that was hip in the past can make you look dated or out of style. Other times, certain tastes in fashion re-emerge in popularity. With someone like Princess Diana leading the trends of her time, various choices in her appearance throughout her life are obviously going to turn heads and catch our eyes all over again.

Four Fashionable Diana Outfits That Are Back In

Lady Diana's sweater was auctioned

Lady Diana was a true fashion icon in her lifetime. Today, as '80s and '90s fashion make a big comeback, some of her outfits are hip again. There are four looks from Diana that highlight what we mean.

From Down Under to the Land of the Pharaohs, from evening wear to casual attire, the past ensembles of the People's Princess are trending today. Even today Diana would be trending with her midi dress with a white flower pattern. The same can be said about her minimalist satin dress with asymmetrical shoulders and beige blazer dress with puffed sleeves. Various fashion statements celebrating a return to fame thanks to current celebrities like Bella Hadid or Kim Kardashian but Diana did it first.