The British royals and the rest of the world will never forget the anniversary of death of Lady Diana (†36). Prince Charles and his two sons Prince William and Prince Harry were on holiday in Balmoral when they heard the tragic message of her passing. Prince Harry then expressed one last wish, which he was denied.

Prince Harry wanted to go to Paris to fetch his mother's body with Prince Charles, according to the Mirror. Charles wanted to protect the only twelve-year-old son and not burden him with such a difficult task. Prince Charles therefore decided to travel to Paris alone.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles at Caernarvon Castle during an official tour of Wales in 1981


Prince Charles wanted to protect his son, Prince Harry

"The Queen and Prince Charles' view was that the boys were their main priority," says Richard Kay, a journalist and friend of Diana's, according to Mirror Online. Charles' decision, however, led to a dispute with Queen Elizabeth II (93).

"Charles took the decision that he was going to Paris to bring back Diana's body. This was a surprising and brave move. He was an ex-husband, he had no right to be there other than as the father of her sons," said Richard Kay. "Charles fought harder for Diana than he had ever fought her her in her lifetime," Richard Kay said.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, London, for a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music, 1982

Lady Diana's legacy is continued today by Prince Harry

The death of Diana has burdened Prince Harry to this day. Only a few days after the birth of his first child Archie Harrison, Prince Harry commented on this moment of joy during a visit to the Netherlands. The British Royal admitted - that being a father himself, painfully reminded him of the loss of his own mother. However, Prince Harry continues to learn from his mother today and carries her legacy in everything that he does. 

Prince William and Prince Harry still support charitable organizations and are socially engaged. Prince Harry, for example, works specifically in the mental health sector for charities and is a strong advocate for the importance of mental health and ending the stigma surrounding it. We are so proud of the incredible men Prince William and Prince Harry have grown into today and we know that Princess Diana is smiling down on her sons.