It was quite a shock last week when it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II (95) had to spend one night in the hospital. Her family, caregivers, staff and of course fans around the world were worried about Her Majesty. 

However, Buckingham Palace quickly gave the all-clear that this hospital visit was only based on preliminary health concerns and had nothing to do with the coronavirus. Queen Elizabeth II was back home in Windsor by noon the following day.

Queen Elizabeth II decided not to travel to Northern Ireland

In the next few days, however, Queen Elizabeth II will probably not be seen in public. Her trip to Northern Ireland has been cancelled due to recommendations by the doctor. It is important to her to take part in this year's Cop26, the UN climate conference, to represent the British royal family.

The conference will take place in Glasgow and will have more than 120 participants. Although Buckingham Palace said the Queen was in "good spirits", The Sunday Times was told by a royal insider that the Queen is indeed "knackered" 

The recent overnight stay in the hospital was not planned, but the doctors wanted to be on the safe side.

Queen Elizabeth II attends a reception at Buckingham Palace in London, 2019

The Queen's wish to continue to be active as head of state and her health protection are currently in conflict. Most recently, the Queen openly announced that she would only abdicate in two special cases.

The Daily Mail was also told that they were working on thinning out the busy schedule for her age. It's crucial to differentiate between important and unimportant appointments in order to reduce the workload for the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II needs a walking stick

Recently, Queen Elizabeth II has shown herself in public with a walking stick- an unusual sight and obviously a sign of her advancing age.

The last time she needed a walker was 20 years ago. At that time, the monarch had an operation on her knee.

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