Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born on May 6th, 2019 in London, England. Since his birth, he has visited South Africa with his parents, lived in Canada on Vancouver Island for some time and now has moved to Los Angeles with Meghan and Harry after their royal exit from the British Royal Family.

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Archie's Birthday Wishes From The Royal Family

That's a lot of movement for the little one year old already! Since he isn't spending his special day in London, the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla and Duchess Kate and Prince William have all sent Archie birthday wishes on Instagram. We have put all the posts right here for you to see...

Queen Elizabeth II Wishes Archie A Happy 1st Birthday!

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Wish Archie A Happy Birthday

Prince William and Duchess Kate Send Archie Birthday Wishes!

Despite Harry and Meghan's exit from the British Royal Family on March 31, this year, it seems as though there is no bad blood between the couple and the royal family. We love to see them supporting one another from across the world! They truly have a special bond that can't be broken

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It has been reported that Harry and Meghan will be releasing a new picture of Archie today in honour of his 1st birthday. We will keep you updated on that as soon as it gets released! 

How is Archie Celebrating His 1st Birthday?

Since the Sussexes are in Los Angeles and they are in lockdown, according to the Express, it is expected that Harry and Meghan will be celebrating Archie's birthday as a family of three with their two dogs. We wish Archie the happiest of birthdays today!