The Prince's Previous Prima Donna's

Before Kate: These Are Prince William's Ex-Girlfriends

Before Kate: These Are Prince William's Ex-Girlfriends

We all had feelings for others before that special someone came along and the royals are no exception. In the case of Prince William, here are five ex-girlfriends of HRH. Check out the video above for more!

Choosing the one you will marry is the biggest decision of your life. For the second in line to the British Thrown, the one you end up marrying will be more than just a spouse. All men get to whisper sweet nothings into the ear of the one they love such as "I think you are a princess" or "I want to make you a queen."

What is it like during courtship for some men to say those things to a woman and actually mean it? When you factor in that, Prince William probably was more careful about what he whispered into the ears of those he courted.

Pre-Kate Middleton, the Women that Caught Prince William's Eye 

Prince William and Duchess Catherine attend an event hosted by Mind, at Harrow College to mark World Mental Health Day, Harrow, England, 2015

Prince William and Duchess Catherine have been a couple since 2002 - with interruptions. Following their romantic wedding in 2011, Kate and William have had three children: Prince George (third in line), Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Before he found his great love, Will had relationships with five ladies around the start of the new "Willennium". He even proposed to Kate at the family estate of one of his past interests!