Buckingham Palace is making a name for itself in the liquor business.

On Monday, the Queen's London residence launched Buckingham Palace gin, a spirit that is on sale now through the Royal Collection Trust's website and in-person shops. The 70 cl bottle rings up at roughly $50 (£40.00).

The RCT adds that the gin has a "unique royal origin," revealing that its ingredients are "sourced from botanicals gathered in the Buckingham Palace Gardens."

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The royal charity adds this enticing description of Buckingham Palace gin: "Lemon, verbena, hawthorn berries and mulberry leaves are among the 12 botanicals hand-picked for the gin in the Gardens at Buckingham Palace, which span 16 hectares and provide a habitat for 30 species of bird and over 250 species of wild flower."

Buckingham Palace is selling gin to cover tourism income losses

As People reports, the RCT has begun to sell the gin in an effort to recoup funds lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic — which forced Buckingham Palace and other royal residences to close their doors to tourists in Summer 2020. A spokesperson told the outlet that the charity could lose upwards of £30 million in 2020-21 as a result.

The gin sales will go specifically toward the conservation of the Queen's art collection. But the launch will have other practical purposes too, as the palace plans to serve the gin to guests at the famous royal garden parties and other events.

Not only that, but several royals are also known as gin connoisseurs. Reportedly, Her Majesty enjoys a daily cocktail of two parts Dubbonet and one part gin. Prince Charles, meanwhile, produces gin of his own in Cornwall.

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Prince Charles has a taster of Hepple Gin in 2018.

Queen's gin is on sale now in the U.K.

Unfortunately, the RCT says the royal gin is only available for shipment to U.K. addresses for now! But royal fans in Britain can now sip Buckingham Palace gin that's fit for the Queen — and comes from her very own garden.

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Buckingham Palace Is Now Selling Its Own Gin - Here's Why