The Queen hosted a special event on the 5th March 2019 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales (70). Prince Charles' wife, Camilla (71), attended the event at his side, wearing a very special piece of jewellery. The Express reported that she sported a 150-year-old brooch adorned with emeralds, diamonds and a single ruby, a piece that Diana had previously worn when visiting Austria in 1986.  

Camilla wore a special brooch to honour Lady Di

One could view Camilla's jewellery choice as a mark of respect for the late Princess Diana. Both women were rivals when it came to Prince Charles' affections. Lady Diana even confronted Camilla when rumours about an affair between the latter and her then husband, Prince Charles, were rife. 

Lady Diana wore the brooch first in 1996 

Lady Diana left Prince Charles in 1992 and filed for divorce in 1996. Three years later, Prince Charles and Camilla made their relationship public. The brooch was given back to the Queen after Lady Diana's death in 1997, who must now have loaned it to the Duchess of Cornwall.