In a long white jumpsuit, Princess Charlène stands next to her husband in the Prince's Palace. She gazes intently into the camera, the background adorned with a large Monaco flag.

This is the scene as the Monaco Royals grace this month's cover of Point de Vue, where Princess Charlène speaks out on incessant rumours about her relationship with Prince Albert of Monaco. Her cover statement leaves leaves no doubts, declaring, "Je suis à mille pour cent avec mon mari," which translates literally to: "I am 1000% with my husband."

Princess Charlène stands by Prince Albert II amid rumours

Charlène's cover statement also reads as a declaration of "standing by" her husband, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. But noticeably, the princess still wears a neat bob with bangs in the photo, indicating that it's an older portrait.

The princess, of course, recently took a radical step shaving her head in a punk-style undercut—a move which some speculated was a bold statement of independence amid shaky days in her marriage. But with the new Point de Vue issue, she has put the rumours to rest.

Princess Charlene of Monaco's radical new haircut in 2020.

Charlène also commented previously on her tendency not to smile in pictures, as body language experts have used this fact to scrutinize her and Albert's photos. On the topic, she told magazine Huisgenoot: "People are very quick to say, 'Oh, why isn't she smiling in the photos?' Well, sometimes it's hard to smile. They don’t know what's going on in the background."

For Point de Vue, she also wears the same outfit seen in a new family portrait this week, where the married royal couple of nine years posed with their 6-year-old twins. This time, Charlène enhanced her simple, cream-white Dior jumpsuit with a spectacular necklace.