Clarence House has officially restricted comments on its Twitter page. 

The account representing Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla has shut down comments following much hate and trolling—mostly targeting Camilla. According to Hello!, the wave of hate intensified after the Nov. 15 release of The Crown season 4.

Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla close Twitter comments

Hello! reported a comment confirmed by a Clarence House spokesman, saying: "Comments had been restricted because a number of posts contravened the royal household's social media guidelines." The outlet adds that the depiction of Princess Diana and Charles and Camilla's affair in season 4 of The Crown contributed to the Twitter hate that made the decision necessary.

Now, only accounts that Clarence House follows or tags can comment on the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall's tweets. The royal page follows 333 other accounts.

Charles and Camilla's tweets now feature few comments and display the message: "People @ClarenceHouse follows or mentioned can reply." Seen below is their most recent tweet, with zero comments.

Charles, Diana, and Camilla in The Crown season 4

The Twitter alteration for Charles and Camilla is the latest fallout of The Crown season 4, which has sparked controversy and disapproval from the Royal Family and figures including Diana's brother, Charles Spencer. The season portrays Prince Charles and Diana's relationship from its early days through the tumultuous marriage and affair with Camilla.

The Crown season 4: Camilla (Emerald Fennell) and Diana (Emma Corrin)

There have been calls for a "fiction" label to be added to the new season, as voices such as Charles Spencer fear viewers place too much faith in what they see on the Netflix drama. Apparently, it's also led to an extreme enough reaction for Clarence House to restrict Twitter comments. It's unclear if it is a permanent or temporary decision.