The British media have put in quite a bit of effort into souring the happy news of the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first daughter. Now his protective uncle is speaking out about it.

Charles Spencer On Lilibet Diana

Princess Diana's loyal and eloquent brother Charles Spencer spoke to ITV's Lorraine while promoting his brand new novel The White Ship. During the interview, the Earl was asked about tabloids accusing Prince Harry of disrespecting his grandmother by naming his daughter Lilibet. Lilibet was the nickname Harry's grandfather gave his grandmother The Queen. 

Charles said, "When I look at all these newspapers going berserk again and I've always found it so hard, I think it's because I'm not very imaginative, but I always see things in terms of family."

Lady Diana and Charles Spencer

The drama reminded him of when the media first began swarming Diana and making cruel jabs at his young sister. "And I remember when I was a boy and Diana became Princess of Wales, I just sort of ploughed along on the same path. You separate the media personality from the real person who's a member of your family, and that's all that matters at the end of the day."

Diana famously said the Crown "will look after the heir and I will look after the spare," and now that she is gone, her younger brother has taken over her role. 

This comes just off the heels of Charles fighting for the investigation into the BBC's Martin Bashir for his manipulation of his sister Princess Diana. Charles demanded and received the investigation and an apology for the cruel tactics used on vulnerable Diana. 

Even Prince William and Prince Harry spoke out against the BBC when the investigation revealed the devastating truth. Charles is proudly representing the Spencers.