Princess Diana has constantly hammered by paparazzi when news of her relationship with Prince Charles first came to light. Her life was shoved into the spotlight and a humble teacher became the focus of media everywhere. This tragically led to both iconic photos of the Princess but also her heartbreaking death.

Charles Spencer and Princess Diana's Vintage Photo

The Spencer family has been honest about how invasive the paparazzi have been, Princess Diana's niece even opened up about how her aunt made a game out of dodging the paparazzi shield her family. Because of this, there are countless photos of the "People's Princess" being bombarded by photographers before she had a grasp on what being in the public eye was really like.

Princess Diana being reluctant to pose for the camera on Sep 19, 1980.

Recently, a famous photo of Lady Diana out with her brother Charles Spencer has been circling the internet, the Earl himself is explaining the backstory. The Earl himself reposted the photo on Twitter, showing the two of them wearing disgruntled faces.

The photo was captioned saying, "That time Diana and her brother looked like they were on the cover of a Smiths album. So cool."

Charles responded explaining why the pair appeared so glum. "Thanks for forwarding this: it was late 1980, I was 16, & my sister was taking me out from @Eton_College for lunch in @HindsHeadBray Her Mini Metro was followed by 12 cars & 1 motorbike of tabloid journalists. Enough to make any teenager look as disdainful as Morrissey, frankly."

His followers responded with support, one saying "That must have been unsettling, enough to make you both look as cool as cucumbers, somehow. We love the photo. Thanks for giving some context." Another took notice of the family resemblance saying, "Thank you for giving us the background to this awesome shot. I never realised how much Prince George looks like you!"

See the photo here:

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