Sharing how he honours his sister!

Charles Spencer Talks About Birthday Tribute To Princess Diana

Charles Spencer Talks About Birthday Tribute To Princess Diana

In a recent interview, Charles Spencer commented on the upcoming birthday tribute being organized for Princess Diana. The late royal's brother reflected on the occasion, and also talked about going to visit her grave. Find out what he had to say here!

Charles Spencer doesn't often give interviews, but he recently shared his feelings about Princess Diana's 60th birthday approaching! On Tuesday, the late Princess of Wales' brother appeared on Good Morning Britain, where he publicly discussed the upcoming tribute to his sister. 

Charles says Diana's birthday celebration will be "emotional"

Charles shared that his father often talked about Diana's birthday— which is on July 1— as being "a sweltering hot day and this wonderful daughter appeared." He also reflected on how he considers it "so funny to be of an age now where your slightly older sister is 60," and said that the day would be "emotional."

He didn't speak on the specifics of the event, but called it "a tribute to a much missed and much loved sister, mother, whatever." Next month, Prince Harry will join Prince William in the U.K. to unveil a statue of Princess Diana. The Duke of Sussex recently welcomed his second child with Meghan Markle, who has been named in part for his late mother!

Charles Spencer and Princess Diana as young children.

Charles shares he visits Diana's grave on special occasions

Charles was also questioned about whether he ever pays a visit to Diana's burial spot, which is in Althorp House's Pleasure Garden. Since he and Diana grew up together on the property, it makes sense for her grave to be located there.

When asked, Charles revealed he visits his late sister's final resting place "every landmark day, such as birthday, or Mother's Day I always take flowers, of course, and I do go a lot and take the children over." He also referred to it as "an oasis of calm," saying that the area is "a lovely place to go."

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Charles is writing a book about his and Diana's childhood. He also often shares old photographs of himself and his sister, recently explaining the backstory behind one of the most famous photos of the two!