• Prince William and Kate Middleton are among the most photographed people in the world
  • The live in Kensington Palace where the general public visits every day
  • They take great steps to ensure their privacy inside their residence

Understandably so, great measures are taken to ensure their privacy at all times. Every day, visitors come to the historic palace where the most famous royals in the world still live today. Actually, one could even look directly into William and Kate's garden from publicly accessible areas, but they cleverly protect themselves from prying eyes...

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All windows that have a clear view of the royals' private garden are decorated with a special detail. While the public areas of the garden can still be seen through the windows, they become blurred to the right as you approach them. So it is not possible for visitors to see into the private quarters of the Cambridges. How clever is that? This ensures that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can play together in peace.

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