• Prince William has been accused of racism
  • He made comments about the Ukraine war
  • It appears the royal was misquoted

Prince William is currently at the centre of a controversy after he commented on the war in Ukraine this week.

The controversy stems from a quote Prince William supposedly said about British people only being used to wars in "Africa and Asia." This led to accusations of racism, but it turns out part of the quote may have been inaccurate.

Racism? What Prince William said about Ukraine

Prince William spoke at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre on Wednesday. He was quoted accurately as saying about the war: "It's very alien to see this in Europe."

While some criticized the "very alien" remark given the history of wars in Europe, it was another line that drew allegations of racism.

Prince William's quote was presented with the context of him saying: "Britons were more used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia." It now appears this was not a direct quote (more on that below), but it spread online and many called William racist and ignorant.

Prince William is facing controversy over his Ukraine comments

The words were condemned by figures including Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie and Martin Luther King's daughter. But both appear to have retracted their initial criticisms after video surfaced of Prince William actually speaking.

Video shows Prince William didn't say "Africa and Asia"

Today, the full video emerged showing what Prince William really said, and the controversial "Africa and Asia" remark is not included.

Per the video from ITV, the royal stated: "Everyone is horrified by what they are seeing. It's really horrifying. The news every day, it's just, it's almost unfathomable. For our generation, it's very alien to see this in Europe. We're all right behind you. We're thinking about you. We feel so useless."

Also interesting:

Some, however, are unconvinced by the video, which omits whatever Prince William may have said just before those remarks. Others still are displeased with his "very alien" comment.

Prince William hasn't commented on the controversy at this time. We'll be watching if anything further comes from the incident.