It's often said that Queen Elizabeth's favourite child is her son Prince Andrew. But the once-popular royal has drastically fallen from grace.

Prince Andrew is now facing a sexual abuse lawsuit, and legal experts believe members of the Royal Family will be deposed and called as witnesses. Will the Queen be one of them?

Could Queen Elizabeth testify in Prince Andrew's trial?

Previously, accuser Virginia Giuffre's lawyer David Boies spoke at length about how Duchess Meghan is an ideal witness in the case.

He also named Sarah Ferguson and suggested Prince Charles is another possibility. At that time, Boies made it sound unlikely they would depose the 95-year-old Queen.

But others believe Giuffre's team could target the monarch. Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer who has represented other victims of Jeffrey Epstein, told the Mirror that the Queen is an option, albeit a complicated one.

Kuvin said: "The lawyers could even try for the Queen. I don't doubt they will, but as a sovereign, it will be almost impossible to do."

This means the Queen would have to "give evidence about what her second son has told her," according to the Daily Mail, possibly in a written or video statement.

Kuvin added that Prince Andrew's ex-wife and daughters can "all be legally deposed." That's because he mentioned them in his BBC interview, where he defended himself against the claim that he sexually abused 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre.

Giuffre's lawyer also told the Sun they will depose "between 10 to 12 people," so it looks like a set of royals will be involved.

The deposed royals could be confirmed any day now. The civil trial is set for between September and December, after a judge refused to dismiss the case this week.

It will proceed unless Prince Andrew's team further attempts to get the suit thrown out, or if they settle before the trial.