Countess Sophie is sharing how difficult it is to mourn the loss of Prince Philip during lockdown. On Wednesday, Sophie appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live, where she spoke out about how the royal family has been coping with the Duke of Edinburgh's passing.

Countess Sophie reflects on loss of Prince Philip in lockdown

Sophie told interviewer Naga Munchetty that Philip's death at age 99 "left a giant-sized hole in our lives," especially since the family has only been able to have occasional visits with the queen. She said that as a result of the distancing measures imposed by lockdown, "the whole grieving process is probably likely for us to take a lot longer."

The Countess of Wessex said that because of the pandemic, they are "not necessarily doing the things that we would normally have done" in everyday life with Philip. She also reflected on how other families who have recently experienced loss are likely in similar situations, seeing as "the immediate loss isn't felt in the same way."

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Countess Sophie gets emotional recalling memory of Prince Philip

Countess Sophie also recalled what it felt like for her to revisit a place that held memories of Philip. During a recent family visit to Scotland, she thought back to how she had once taken a photo of Philip and the queen there. "Just to be there, in that place, was an 'Oh my God' moment," Sophie said, emotional at the thought.

Following the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral service in May, Sophie described the late royal's final moments as "very, very peaceful." It has also been reported that she has been close with the queen since Philip's passing, as the monarch has turned to Sophie as a source of support.

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