This has not been a great year for the British Royal Family and everything seems to indicate that it will not end better. According to reports in the British press, the royal family will have to sacrifice their Christmas celebrations because of the COVID-19 pandemic and current regulations imposed by the British government to prevent the spread of the virus in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is unlikely that the Queen will be able to reunite with her entire family during the upcoming holidays.

COVID-19 could ruin the Queen's Christmas plans

Following the increase in cases of the novel Coronavirus, the English government established new regulations that prevent the gathering of more than 6 people in closed spaces, which would allow Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh to participate in their traditional Christmas activities.

Queen Elizabeth II in her Christmas message from Buckingham Palace in 2012.

One of the first events that could be ruled out in the future is the traditional walk that members of the royal family take between the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the royal estate of Sandringham, which is currently used as a drive-in.

"There is no desire to create crowds and over the years, the Royals’ walk to church has become more and more popular. It is now something of an event, so this year will need to be looked at very carefully. Perhaps it could be ticketed, as the church does stand on private land, but there could be no interaction. The Royals do not want to encourage crowds," a statement read to the Daily Mail

In 2019, more than 1,500 people turned out around the church in Norfolk to see the first walk of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, children of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla of Cornwall, and Princess Anne also participated in the event. 

Christmas for the royal family with only 6 guests due to pandemic

Although, according to the source of the Daily Mail the traditional Christmas activities of the royal family have not been discussed yet, they could be canceled if the measures against the spread of COVID-19 remain in effect.

Queen Elizabeth II at the Scholss Bellevue Palace in Berlin in 2015.

"The plans for Christmas have not been discussed, but any activities would take into account the relevant advice and guidance at the time," he said.

Two of the official recommendations would make that, given their age, the Queen and Prince Philip can only spend Christmas with 4 more members of their family who have followed all the necessary precautions. Who the British Monarch will choose is still unknown.

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