• Duchess Camilla cried at her last appearance
  • She and Prince Charles visited a Ukrainian church
  • Victims of the war were commemorated there

We rarely see Duchess Camilla, 74, let alone a royal, so emotional. These images go straight to the heart: Prince Charles's wife lost her composure in front of the cameras.

The reason: the war in Ukraine affects her, like the whole world, very greatly. Camilla let her tears flow freely.

Duchess Camilla in tears at a Ukrainian service

The royal couple attended a new service with prayers, hymns, and candle lighting for the victims of the conflict in Ukraine. Understandably, the atmosphere really touched the Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla was emotional at a Ukrainian church service

You can see that the future Queen Consort could no longer hold back. By visiting the church, she and Prince Charles wanted to show their sympathy.

Also interesting:

According to the Daily Mail, Charles and Camilla's visit to the Ukrainian church was followed by a generous donation benefitting the people of Ukraine. Thus, Prince Charles and especially Duchess Camilla led by example.

They now join forces with Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, royals who already showed solidarity with Ukraine. Both couples recently made statements on the appalling invasion.