Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles famously had a salacious affair for years. Charles admitted to cheating on beloved Princess Diana and Camilla cheated on her husband Andrew Parker-Bowles. It took a long time for the pair to be accepted by the Royal family and Camilla became the only Royal bride to not wear a crown at her wedding. 

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's Wedding

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have such a long and complicated history and the whole world watched their romance blossom. Prince Charles is set to be the future King meaning his partner would be the Queen or Duchess. 

Lady Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles in 1981

Both had previous marriages and children with their former husband and wife. Camilla had married Princess Anne's ex-boyfriend Andrew Parker-Bowles and Charles had married Diana Spencer. The Royal wedding between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was one of the biggest and most widely watched in history.

When they eventually divorced and went public with their own relationship, the public had a very hard time accepting them. Their affair was referred to as "Camilla-gate" and most felt sad for charming Princess Diana considering how blatant their affair had been. It is reported that the Royal family as well had a difficult time accepting Camilla into the family. 

Camilla Parker Bowles shows off her engagement ring as she and Prince Charles arrive for a party at Windsor Castle after announcing their engagement earlier 10 February 2005.

THIS Is Why Camilla Did Not Wear a Crown To Her Royal Wedding

Finally, the pair became engaged and Prince Charles had hired public relations expert Mark Bolland to fix his and Camilla's public image. The pair decided to have a civil ceremony on April 9th, 2005 at Windsor Guildhall. Neither of their parents were in attendance but Camilla's son Tom and Prince Charles' son Prince William attended to serve as witnesses. There was an intimate marriage blessing at St. George's Chapel shortly afterwards.

Camilla did not wear a crown as is customary in Royal weddings. All descendants of The Queen and brides who have married into the family have donned a crown in their weddings. There are a few reasons why Camilla did not wear one. Camilla had actually worn a tiara in her first wedding to Andrew Parker Bowles. 

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's Wedding Portrait.

Hello! claims she may not have worn a crown because their marriage ceremony did not take place in a church. It is widely known that she had to work hard to win over the Royal family and had to inch slowly into their Royal world. So the typical grand Royal wedding was far more tame than usual and a tiara or crown may have been too much for the new Duchess.