We have wonderful news from the Royal palace! Duchess Catherine (37) has officially announced her return to the royal office! We even have and exact date! The official Kensington Palace Twitter page recently posted that she would have her first official appointment on October 2nd.

Duchess Catherine's first public appearence after her parental leave 

After the birth of baby number three, Duchess Catherine decided to take some time off from her royal duties and appearences, of course with the exception of her brother-in-law's, Prince Harry's, wedding. She has officially announced her return to the world of royality beginning with a visit to the Sc Trust Forest School and Wildlife Garden, a nature-orientated learning institution for children in London, on October 2nd.

According to "Hello!", it's probably going to be a very busy Autumn for the young Duchess Catherine with multiple royal appointments planned throughout the next few months including Princess Eugenie's (28) wedding on the 12th of October which both Prince William (36) and the Duchess are expected to attend.

In addition to the wedding, Queen Elisabeth II. (92) is expected to welcome King Willem-Alexander (51) and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands (47) on October 23rd and 24th, where the Duchess presence is anticipated.