Everyone to the barn!

Duchess Kate And Her Children Have Taken Up Chicken Farming

Duchess Kate And Her Children Have Taken Up Chicken Farming

According to a recent report, Duchess Kate and her children have a brand-new hobby! Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are said to have a "great interest" in collecting eggs, working alongside their mother at the Anmer Hall chicken coop. Get the details on their latest pastime here!

Duchess Kate and her children are having a summer full of straw and eggs— and the four of them couldn't be happier about it! According to reports in the English press, Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis developed an interest in chicken farming over quarantine period while living at Anmer Hall, the royal family's country home in Norfolk. 

Duchess Kate and her children collect chicken eggs daily

Duchess Kate's newest pastime with her kids was reported by tabloid The Sun. "Kate and the children are out daily in the hen house, collecting fresh eggs in their baskets, and the eggs are then used in the kitchen almost immediately," a source told the newspaper.

“Kate and the children have a well laid out chicken coop, and a safe fox-proof chicken house, filled with healthy food and feeding treats," the insider added. "Organic self-sufficiency is the name of the game with the Cambridges."

Princess charlotte

The Sun also recalled that the passion for beekeeping could be in the little royals' blood, because their grandfather, Prince Charles, had a known interest in spending time in the royal barn. No doubt the Prince of Wales, who has his own chicken pen, will be proud to hear of his grandchildren's newfound passion.

“Charles is the all-time chicken lover, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of most breeds and knows how to rear them. 'Cluckingham Palace’ is what his house is sometimes called," the source told the English publication.

Duchess Kate's children play an important role in the kitchen

Duchess Kate revealed earlier this week that she feels like a "constant feeding machine" for her kids. However, George, Charlotte, and Louis play an important role in putting food on the table thanks to their work collecting eggs at Anmer Hall, which Queen Elizabeth II gave William and Kate as a wedding gift.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Princes William, George and Charlotte in Victoria, Canada, in 2016.

Prince William has also reflected on how the kitchen has brought his family together during the pandemic. After finishing their homeschooling, George, Charlotte, and Louis are ready to spend more time in the kitchen and chicken coop at Anmer Hall!