Duchess Kate and Jill Biden want to make sure people know how important early child care is! On Saturday, CNN published a special editorial piece written by the Duchess of Cambridge and the U.S. First Lady, which sees them speak out about the significance of developmental well-being.

Kate and Biden call for new approach to children's well-being

Duchess Kate and Jill Biden had their first meeting just a few days ago, when Biden joined Kate to visit a preschool in Cornwall. The two begin their op-ed piece by talking about the world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, mentioning how they "have had the immense privilege" to chat with those on the front lines.

Kate and Biden then address the issue of childhood education, specifically for those in the early developmental stages. "We both believe that part of this vision for the future must include a fundamental shift in how our countries approach the earliest years of life," they write, affirming that this would make a significant difference.

Jill Biden and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge talk with children during a visit to Connor Downs Academy on June 11, 2021.

Kate and Biden advocate for caregivers to be valued

Kate and Biden then go on to say that as the world starts to "rebuild with boldness and purpose from the pandemic," the developmental needs of children should be be considered. They explain that "valuing the role of mothers, fathers and caregivers" is critical, in order to ensure "strong economies and strong societies."

"The two of us believe that early childhood care and education should be seen as among the defining, strategic issues of our time," the Duchess of Cambridge and First Lady say later on in the piece, explaining that doing so "could transform the prospects of an entire generation."

Kate and Biden conclude their op-ed by sharing their hope that people will "work together across borders and oceans on how to elevate the importance of early care and learning for children." They also suggest embarking on new research endeavours, and mention they "look forward to championing this work in the years to come."