Duchess Kate and Prince William made a detour to the country this week. On Tuesday, the royals visited a farm where they tried their hand driving a tractor — and even drove a few golf balls! The Duchess of Cambridge also had a bit of a mishap with her golf swing, which had everyone in fits.

Duchess Kate and Prince William's new farm visit

William and Kate paid a visit to Durham and the Cheesy Waffles Project charity, which supports people with learning disabilities. The royals started their appointment in casual leisure looks but, by the end of the trip, it became a real sporting event.

Prince William and Duchess Kate on their visit to the charity "Cheesy Waffles Project" 

At the charity, the Duke and Duchess both took a few golf swings. Duchess Kate's try ended up causing a laughing fit when she swung her club but missed the ball.

William and Kate's fun outing after Prince Philip's passing

The couple then shared highlights of the outing on Instagram, also showing their stop at Manor Farm in the county. There, the royals were given an extensive tour which included petting sheep.

The farmer also put his trust in his visitors: He let Prince William and then Duchess Kate do a lap behind the wheel of his big tractor. The royals clearly had fun, which was nice to see following the passing of Prince Philip earlier this month.

Prince William and Duchess Kate will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow, April 29. It was previously rumoured that the Queen will have a new honour for the Duchess for the special occasion.

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