Duchess Kate is said to have warned her now-brother-in-law that it was too early for him to think about marrying Meghan Markle! According to journalists Dylan Howard and Andy Tillet's new book Royals At War, Kate suggested that Harry carefully consider this decision since joining the royal family takes time, care, and attention.

Duchess Kate's advice being ignored could have triggered 'Megxit'

Duchess Kate may have attempted to warn Harry, but the prince did not listen. As the book reveals, the advice of the Duchess of Cambridge— who was seen as an older sister to Prince Harry— was ignored, as he proposed to Meghan after a few months of dating.

This made the Duke of Sussex feel that the royal family, and even those attending the palace, were against him. Some believe that Harry's actions may have been a crucial factor in Harry and Meghan's departure from the royal family, which has become known as 'Megxit'.

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry in 2019.

According to the book's authors, these problems could have been avoided if Prince Harry had heeded his brother's recommendations. And with Harry writing a controversial new book of his own, an expert believes the tension between him and the rest of the royal family will only continue to worsen.