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Duchess Kate Shows Off Her Down-To-Earth Side In Gorgeous Bargain Dress

Duchess Kate

Duchess Kate always shines with her fashion looks at public appearances. However, on one of her most recent public engagements, she shows off her more down-to-earth side in a bargain dress, and blows everyone away.

  • Duchess Kate blew everyone away during a new appearance in a stylish look
  • The style choice was a real bargain dress
  • This was not the first time she has worn the style

Duchess Kate (39) is definitely at the top of the Royals' best-dressed list. She recently proved that at the premiere of the new James Bond film. She took everyone's breath away in a stunning gold glitter gown. The Duchess caused a stir that night, but her latest appearance was a bit more dignified.

Kate surprised us with an elegant look, but instead of a designer dream, this time she opted for a real bargain - and not for the first time.

Duchess Kate is stylish in a bargain dress

Duchess Kate never goes wrong when it comes to her outfits. Not even when she was out and about on Tuesday. At her appointment, Prince William's wife appeared in an elegant plaid dress in shades of black, white and gray.

Duchess Kate in a chic bargain dress

The particular eye-catchers were the figure-hugging waist belt and the gorgeous loose bow tied around the neckline. Kate perfected the look with gray high heels and subtle jewelry. In short: The Duchess looked incredible.

For her look, however, she did not rely on an expensive designer, as is so often the case. This dress is from the brand Zara and was definitely a real bargain. Kate was not wearing the chic dress for the first time: As early as January 2020, she was seen in the dress and the dress style itself was sold out online in no time.

During her visit to the Center for Longitudinal Studies at UCL as a representative of her “Early Childhood” foundation, Duchess Kate was once again wonderfully down-to-earth with her choice of outfit.

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