Back on March 11, Duchess Kate and Prince William stepped out for the first time after the shocking Oprah interview with Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry. That day, the pair visited a school that was reopening after lockdown. Here's what a body language expert said about Kate's appearance at the event.

Body language expert: Duchess Kate didn't look like herself

Body language expert Judi James revealed to the British Mirror that Duchess Kate was "sad and reflective" in a way that was hardly recognizable after the interview. She added, "We're so used to seeing Kate with a 100% dazzling smile and she almost looks unrecognisable when she stops smiling. It's not what we expect from her."

Duchess Kate and Prince William's first outing after the Oprah intervew.

In Oprah with Meghan and Harry, the Duchess of Sussex spoke not only of mental health difficulties and racism allegations, but also of conflict rumours with her sister-in-law Kate. And it all seemed to be bothering the Duchess quite a bit. "There wasn't a lot of smile going on above the mask," said the body language expert.

Prince William was also tense and spoke briefly to reporters, denying the racism claims that Harry and Meghan made against the Royal Family. Judi James also noticed one thing in how the couple jointly appeared: "Their bonding signals are so intense now," she said. The difficult times seem to have brought Duchess Kate and her husband even closer together. 

You can also see pictures of their newest outing to visit London paramedics here.

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