The Duchess of Sussex (37) has a surprising link to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Meghan has often been compared to Lady Diana, both royals are undoubtedly fashion icons and, sadly, both have been hounded by the press, with a lot of negativity being directed towards Meghan over the last few months

Meghan grew up in California and so it seems unlikely that she would ever have met British Diana, but the two almost crossed paths twenty-two years ago. Prince Harry's wife attended Northwestern University from 1999 to 2003, just shortly after Prince Harry's late mother visited the university in 1996. 

Meghan Might Have Met Princess Diana

If Meghan had enrolled just three years earlier, she may well have come face to face with Princess Diana, who met with students and visited a local hospital whilst in the Chicago area in June 1996. Diana looked breathtaking when she attended a fundraising gala for the University's Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center wearing a dress the exact purple of Northwestern's  colours. 

Diana helped raise almost a $1 million during her trip and seemed to enjoy her time spent there as she was spotted wearing a sweatshirt with the university’s logo a few months later.

It’s a sweet connection between the late princess and Meghan, who was been vocal about making sure Diana’s presence is felt during their royal wedding last year. Harry made sure his mom was part of his special moment by using two diamonds from her collection for Meghan’s engagement ring.

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