Duchess Meghan dazzled giving her first speech at a lunch for the ladies of the Grenfell Tower Hubb Community Kitchen. Her husband Prince Harry (34) and her mother Doria Ragland (62) were also present and looked on proudly, as Meghan got up to give her first speech since marrying Harry. 

And, it was a roaring success, she not only impressed those present at the event, but also the press! 

As the Daily Mail so rightly pointed out, her three-minute-long speech was all the more impressive considering she delivered it perfectly without the aid of any notes. She didn't falter once, her confidence was admirable and her passion for the project palpable. 

Duchess Meghan has truly become a fully-fledged member of the Royal Family

Although, to be honest, we're not surprised that Duchess Meghan's speech was so on point when taking into account her former career as an actress and activist. She emphasised what a priviledge it had been to get to know the women attending the lunch and thanked them for their warmth and strength. There's no doubt that Meghan is now well and truly a fully-fledged member of the Royal Family. 

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