Duchess Meghan (37) visited Loughborough University to attend the Coach Core Awards, along with husband Harry (34), this Monday. The Duchess wore loose-fitting clothes, sparking speculation as to whether she may, in fact, be covering up a baby bump. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took part in game of netball with some of the university's students, and so Meghan's get-up could also simply have been chosen to allow maximum movement. 

Baby Bump Speculations Continue

The loose-fitting Oscar de la Renta top that the Duchess wore would be just the thing to hide a small baby bump and it seems that Meghan has increasingly been seen sporting similarly loose, light-weight numbers over the last weeks...

After Duchess Meghan caused a stir last week, when it looked like she was sporting a small baby bump, the pregnancy rumours are likely to persist until the Duchess wears something that clearly points towards her not being pregnant.