Meghan Markle's armed Scotland Yard bodyguard, whose name is left unknown for security reasons, has announced that she is quitting. According to the Daily Mail, "the inspector's appointment as head of protection made her the first woman to hold such a key post for the royals, but she will now become the latest in a string of aides to stop working for the duchess."

Meghan Wishes To Be 'One of the People'

It is known that Meghan wishes to be 'one of the people' and that has proven to be challenging with security staff for the royal family. Having not grown up around tight royal security, it can be overwhelming at times even though it is completely necessary. The announcement of a third aide leaving the Duchess has definitely raised some eyebrows and also prompted some claims that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have maybe not treated their staff with respect and dignity. 

Meghan looks stunning as she arrives at Smart Works

Comments have been made that the bodyguard is leaving for personal reasons that has nothing to do with the Duke or Duchess who apparently are hugely disappointed in losing her. The bodyguard has also made a decision to leave the Met police which comes as loss for the team. She was a great addition and very much liked by all.