Once again, Duchess Meghan’s (37) family slammed the royal family publicly. This time, her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. (52) spoke about his sister in an interview with the "Daily Mail". After the news sparked that Duchess Meghan was planning a solo trip to the USA, Thomas spoke negatively about Meghan's relationship with her father. 

Thomas Markle Jr. criticizes Meghan's relationship with her father

“No father-daughter relationship should be like this. I feel for him because of how strong their relationship was and what it's become now. That's got to hurt anybody. Since Hollywood and being on that show - being a celebrity has changed her. Maybe she feels she is above everybody, maybe even more now”, Thomas Markle Jr. told “Daily Mail”.

Thomas also expresses his disapproval of the British Royals. Unlike the Middletons, his family has been frozen out, although family members like Duchess Kate’s (36) uncle Gary have already had some scandals. " They have [brought outsiders in] before in the past like with the Middletons. I don't see why our family is any different?”

Duchess Meghan's brother still has hopes for a reconciliation

Thomas also blames Meghan for the royals' behavior: “I think Meghan should have handled this from the beginning and I think it got ignored and swept under the carpet for so long, it's a shame where it's ended up, especially between her and my father.”

However, Thomas still hopes on a reconciliation with the Duchess. Especially for his father, who recently compared the Royal Family to a "cult", but also for the rest of the family. “She's capable of doing anything, she's just got to want to do it. If she wants to make amends, by all means, she can do that. But she's got to want to do it”, he said.