It seems impossible! Can Prince Harry (33) and Duchess Meghan (36) really travel without their every move being documented? Duchess Meghan actually managed to do exactly that. She visited friends in Canada on a secret trip there during the summer holidays.

The Duchess enjoyed life away from the spotlight and managed to remain incognito all the time.

Visiting friends: Duchess Meghan in Toronto

According to ABC News, Duchess Meghan visited one of her best friends, Jessica Mulroney, and her husband Ben Mulroney in Toronto. Meghan spent three days at the Mulroneys' house. During her short trip the gorgeous royal cooked with her friends, laughed and gossiped and played with their children.
The Duchess has been friends with the Mulroneys for years and the Canadian couple were VIP guests at their wedding. The Mulroney's children were  even pageboys and bridesmaids.

The Mulroneys and Meghan even managed to go out and meet some of the Duchess's other old friends one evening. We are happy that Duchess Meghan managed to spend a few well-deserved relaxing days with her friends, without the paparazzi noticing!
The short break from life as a member of the most popular royal family in the world comes at a very good time, just before the Meghan's first official trip abroad, which will serve as a "baptism of fire" for the Duchess, with numerous visits to Commonwealth dignitaries lined up!