On Monday, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were visiting crowds in Birkenhead, Merseyside on a public outing together. While talking to people that had supposedly been waiting outside in the cold for hours to catch a glimpse of the royals, Meghan revealed that her baby is due in 'late April or May'. While this is still relatively vague, we now have a better idea of when to expect the new addition to the royal family. 

Prince Harry worried about the Duchess of Sussex as she feels stressed by media backlash against her

Is it a Princess Diana situation all over again?

Prince Harry worried about Meghan

The Baby Will Come When It's Ready

The Duchess of Sussex said the baby will come when it's ready, revealing that 'we're ready, we're so excited'. The royal couple did admit that they do not know the sex of the baby as they wish to keep it a surprise. 

Meghan looked radiant in red at her first appointment in 2019

Meghan and Harry's first joint engagement of 2019

The Duchess of Sussex looked radiant in red!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex seemed rather talkative on their outing which really seemed to please the crowds. Many of them commented on what a lovely couple and how incredibly kind and friendly they were. We can't wait for the next royal baby to arrive! Stay tuned...

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