In Monaco, there is reason to celebrate today: it's Princess Charlene's birthday. She turns 44.

The palace cannot resist publicly congratulating Prince Albert's wife. On Facebook, the Monegasque palace shared a video with never-before-seen images of Charlene and her family.

New photos for Princess Charlene's 44th birthday

Princess Charlene's birthday video feels like a glimpse into a private photo album. Starting with childhood photos, through snapshots from Charlene's teens and her swimming career — they really dug deep into the photo box.

Of course, Prince Albert should not be missing from the pictures. The video contains images of couples in love and a look back at the dream wedding of 2011.

The twins Jacques and Gabriella, 7, can also be seen in some photos. For three minutes, royal fans are guided through the past decades of Charlene's life.

However, a big birthday party for the Princess will certainly not be held this year.

On the one hand because of COVID-19, on the other hand because Charlene has been struggling with health problems again and again.

The last year was not an easy one for the 44-year-old. With a bad ENT infection and long separation from her family, Princess Charlene was involved in several emotional royal moments in 2021.

Let's hope that her new year will be a little more positive.