DIY haircut

Gabriella Of Monaco Looks Like Mom Charlene After Cutting Her Own Hair

Gabriella Of Monaco Looks Like Mom Princess Charlene With New Haircut

Princess Gabriella of Monaco probably wanted to look like her mom Princess Charlène. So, without further ado, the little princess grabbed a pair of scissors, and Charlène is now marvelling at the results in person.

When mom is away, things can get a little out of hand.

That also seems to be the case in royal families. As new pictures of the Monaco royals show, Princess Gabriella, 6, went to work on her own hair in the absence of her mom Princess Charlène.

Princess Charlène shows Gabriella's attempt at hairdressing  

Gabriella's model appears to have been her mother, who's been wearing a shorter style with bangs and shaved sides for several months now. But the royal mother seems amused by her daughter's DIY haircut.

"(Gabriella decided to give herself a haircut!!!) Sorry my Bella I tried my best to fix it," Charlène wrote with her new photos on Instagram.

Gabriella is seen in the photos with rather high bangs trimmed at an angle. But Charlène is happy to finally be able to hold her husband and children in her arms again.

The princess has been staying in South Africa for several weeks without her family. She had an ENT infection that required procedures in the country, but she's been unable to fly home because the pressure at high altitude is too dangerous for her ears.

The family was able to have a nice reunion this week now that Prince Albert and the children Jacques and Gabriella made the trip to Africa.