Prince Charles (69) is already an experienced grandparent with three grandchildren of his own, which makes it no surprise that worries about the Earth's future, and that of all future generations, are all the more pressing for him. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, in a speech he made on his official royal tour of Ghana, Prince Charles warned his audience that our children and grandchildren will inherit a "completely polluted, damaged and destroyed world" unless drastic action is taken. He went on to add:

"It does seem to me insanity if we are going to bequeath this completely polluted, damaged and destroyed world to them. All grandchildren deserve a better future."

Charles met government officials and business leaders whilst in Ghana to discuss plastic pollution and to hopefully change how products are recycled. He went on to state that the implementation of these changes are vital as otherwise there will be disastrous changes, "as is witnessed by the fact that 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year, that soon there will be one tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish in the sea, and that the dead zones in the ocean, now numbering over 400, are continuing to grow."

Prince Charles has long been an environmentalist, making speeches about the dire consequences of plastic pollution as early as the 1970s and taking his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William litter-picking as teenagers!