It was recently rumoured that Prince Harry would return to England in December for an awards ceremony with his mother's charity the Diana Award.

But a homecoming could arrive much soon, again in connection with Princess Diana. A new event will take place this month to celebrate the unveiling of the Diana statue, which Harry presented with Prince William in July.

Prince Harry considering UK visit with Meghan and the kids

A party for the statue was postponed back in July due to the pandemic. Now, the celebration with 100 guests will take place this month, and Prince Harry is reportedly considering attending in England with his entire family.

"No one knows what Harry's decision is but there are rumblings that he may come with Meghan and their two children," a source revealed to The Sun this week.

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It was also recently reported that the couple planned to fly to England after their recent trip to New York. But that trip was scrapped due to a supposed disagreement about the baptism of 4-month-old Lilibet.

It remains to be seen when Prince Harry — potentially with his whole family — will really end up in London again. But one or two UK visits by the end of the year appears possible at the moment.

When something takes place in honour of Harry's mother, there is always a high probability that the prince will not miss the opportunity to attend.