Lili Mountbatten-Windsor is already 7 weeks old, but the Royal Family's website still hasn't recognized her place in the line of succession.

As the second child of Prince Harry, son of heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles, baby Lili was born eighth in line to the British throne. But, for now, the official royal website has yet to add her name to the usually up-to-date page.

Prince Harry and Meghan's daughter in line of succession?

Today, July 25, the "Succession" section still shows Prince Andrew as the royal who stands eighth in line to the throne. But he was actually bumped to ninth when Lili was born back on June 4.

Despite seven weeks passing since the birth, the American-born daughter of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry is nowhere to be found on the webpage — prompting outcry and theories about the omission.

Why baby Lili isn't in royal line of succession online

On the subject, a Palace spokesperson told Daily Mail only that the website is "updated periodically." But, according to the newspaper, Lili's brother Archie was added just 15 days after his birth, and Prince Louis was even sooner after 12 days.

So it's an unusual amount of time to pass for Harry and Meghan's daughter. Some believe the delay could be a deliberate move by the Palace amid ongoing clashes with the Sussexes and Prince Harry's recent announcement of a new memoir.

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Another theory is that they are waiting on the succession update until Lili goes through with a royal christening, which Prince Harry reportedly wants his daughter to get in the UK in the near future.

But there hasn't been confirmation of the christening or why Lili doesn't have her place in the line of succession at this time. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this story in the meantime.