Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have retired as members of the Royal Family and therefore are financially independent from the Palace. It was similar for Princess Diana after her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996.

Many royal fans wonder how Diana got by afterwards. As the Express reports, the Princess of Wales had only a small amount of personal assets at the time of her divorce. Jewels belonged to the royals and the diadem from her wedding was not hers either.  

How Princess Diana lived after the divorce  

As part of her divorce settlement in July 1996, Diana received, according to British press reports, a severance payment worth tens of millions. In addition, she is said to have received a six-figure amount annually.

Diana was allowed to remain at Kensington Palace with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry and could use state rooms at St. James's Palace for receptions, according to the newspaper The Sun.

Although Diana continued living at the Kensington Palace apartment after the divorce, she had to bear her own expenses on areas such as travel and bodyguards.

In the separation, she also lost the style of Royal Highness, but remained the Princess of Wales. All jobs outside the UK were said to have required a review by Queen Elizabeth II.

When Diana died, her sons inherited almost all of her money, plus jewelry, clothing, and other personal items. Her butler Paul Burrell and her 17 sponsored children also received money after the princess's tragic death in 1997.