Prince George (5) is third in line to the British throne after his grandfather, Prince Charles (70), and his father, Prince William (36). The young royal has two younger siblings, Princess Charlotte (3) and Prince Louis (7 months). Psychologist Jeffrey Hughes revealed to the Express that being growing up with younger siblings will make Prince George the perfect monarch. 

George to enjoy a normal upbringing

The young prince, who celebrated his fifth birthday in July, will benefit from his mother, Duchess Catherine's (36), relatively normal upbringing. The Duchess of Cambridge wants her children to have a normal childhood, away from the prying eyes of the world's paparazzi. 

Even if Prince George will never be out of the public eye completely, a somewhat normal everyday life should benefit him enormously. 

Did you know that royals who are directly in line to the throne never travel together by plane? This tradition is rooted in the fear that otherwise, in the case of a crash, there would be no one left to reign Britain.