Queen Elizabeth II has been on the UK throne since 1952.

Though a popular monarch, the Queen has been the target of a few assassination plots during her lengthy reign. The first such attempt came in 1970 while she and Prince Philip were visiting Australia.

How The Queen Escaped An Assassination Attempt In 1970

Fortunately, the Queen and Prince Philip were unharmed in the scary 1970 incident, which only became known to the public 40 years later. Watch the video above to learn what happened.

How Queen Elizabeth II Escaped An Assassination Attempt In 1970

The 1970 attempt on the Queen's life wasn't the only time she's survived an attack, either. Watch the video above for more on how she survived assassination attempts in Australia and another in New Zealand in 1981.

You can also watch our video here on the eight assassination attempts on Queen Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth II visiting Somerset


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