With July 1 fast approaching, Prince Harry will soon visit the UK to mark what would've been Princess Diana's 60th birthday. But will he be joined by his wife Duchess Meghan?

It's always seemed unlikely that Meghan would travel, since she was expecting a baby shortly before July 1. But, this week, a report suddenly said she would join Harry on the journey. That rumour, however, was quickly refuted by ITV and The Mirror.

Is Meghan joining Prince Harry on 2021 UK trip?

After RadarOnline said Meghan would travel with Prince Harry later this month, sources close to the couple denied the claim to several UK outlets.

"Meghan is not going to travel. She has just had a baby and Harry will travel alone," a source told The Mirror.

Another source confirmed the same news today to ITV's Lizzie Robinson. So all signs point to Duchess Meghan not flying to the UK this month, just a few weeks after giving birth to a baby girl.

Prince Harry still unveiling Princess Diana statue in the UK?

No official announcement has come, but reports have led us to believe that Prince Harry still intends to join his brother Prince William in unveiling a statue of their late mother at Kensington Palace on July 1 — which would've been her 60th birthday.

Will Meghan join Prince Harry in the UK for his 2021 trip?

Harry is expected to attend despite Meghan welcoming a daughter on June 4, but it doesn't appear the Duchess will make the trip across the pond so soon after giving birth.

The reunion would also come after ever-rising tensions between Prince Harry and his family, stemming from interviews where he made unflattering comments about the royals.