Sarah Ferguson has been Prince Andrew's loudest supporter throughout his downfall. But could the sexual abuse scandal ultimately cost Fergie her royal title — the Duchess of York?

Prince Andrew scandal: Is Sarah Ferguson still Duchess of York?

Prince Andrew was just stripped of his royal privileges, including use of the HRH style. So far, he has kept his title, the Duke of York, and it appears his ex-wife will also keep hers.

Sarah will remain a duchess, and the title is "not an issue" for the time being, a royal source told the Daily Mail.

"That has been her title since the divorce and that is how it will stay," the insider added.

Is Sarah Ferguson Losing Her Royal Title With Prince Andrew?

Sarah and Andrew were married in 1986 and received the dukedom from The Queen on their wedding day. They divorced in 1996, but Fergie is still the Duchess of York now.

Queen Elizabeth revoked her son's royal connections one day after a judge refused to dismiss a sexual abuse lawsuit against him.

He lost his royal patronages, military roles, and HRH style. But some residents of York, England, want the Queen to go a step further.

They want the disgraced Duke of York stripped of his title and its association with their home, though that has yet to happen.

So we'll see if Sarah Ferguson remains the Duchess of York in the long term.

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